We are your PT web experts.

No physical therapy practice is the same; and neither should your website. We build customized websites that blend technology with your brand.

Who we are.

MyPTWebsite was founded by Joseph Brence,PT, DPT, FAAOMPT, COMT, DAC as he saw a continued need for improving visibility of the profession online. With both a PT and tech background, Joseph first co-founded the Nxt Gen Institute of PT, which is a hybrid-educational company offering accredited residencies and fellowships for PTs. After completely building their online platform from scratch, he continued to expand and build additional web-based platforms and MyPTWebsite was born.


Founder/Lead Designer

Web Design

We will design your entire website around your brand/image. We will work diligently to provide you with a web presence which not only represents the image, but also the values and goals of your organization.


Websites should not only be a web representation of your business, but also used as a marketing tool to drive business and success. We will help include features to drive this success.


As more and more web-users utilize mobile devices to access your page, you want to ensure your web-developer utilizes mobile responsive themes. We do that at no additional charge.


Communicating and engaging with patients and potential customers is important. We are able to include tools to help maintain connections between those who come through your door.

How we work.

1 You will first contact us and provide us with some background of your company. Learning about the uniqueness of your brand will help inspire the development of your website. We not only want to know "what" you want; but "why" you do what you do.

2 After determining your companies needs, we will begin web development. A prototype is generally available within 2 weeks your start. At this time, we will begin gathering additional information that will be used to fill your pages.

3 Once you are completely satisfied with the site, we will provide any updates/ongoing maintenance. We will also be available to add-on additional features such as social marketing, e-commerce or scheduling.